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Rocket French - Updated Level 3 Language & Culture Lessons



Hi Everyone!

We've now updated the Language & Culture lessons for Rocket French Level 3! We've been working hard on this update for most of the year and are excited to finally have this ready for you all.


We've created all-new grammar lessons to provide you with improved explanations, useful new topics, and a wide array of new audio examples - all of which will help you with your French learning. You'll also find fresh Culture components at the end of each lesson to give you a greater understanding of all things French! 


Since these changes have involved adding new lessons to the course (each of which is marked with a "NEW" label), your progress will unfortunately start from scratch for these. However, we are sure that you will find them a massive improvement on the old lessons!

The phrases in the Audio lessons have also been reviewed for accuracy and notations added, along with new quiz sections (marked with an "UPDATED" label) for all lessons. 

Enjoy the new content - and please let us know what you think!

Best wishes,
The Rocket Languages Team


P.S. Look out for brand new Survival Kit lessons in a few months' time as well!

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