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Hello everyone, I'm new here, and I hope no one has asked this question before because I've looked: Does anyone have any idea how advanced you will be after finishing (Premium, Premium Plus, and Platinum,) compared to taking French college classes?  Will you be at the level of someone who has just finished one semester of college French, two semesters, or more?

Also, is anyone doing more than one software program in addition to Rocket French (like Rosetta Stone, or Fluenz, Pimsleur, etc) and finding it helpful, or a waste of time and money?  I'm doing others and I think it helps, although as an absolute beginner I can't begin to say if it helps doing multiple programs.  (I got RS French 1-5 really cheap, and Fluenz also).

Thanks everyone!


Hi Erwin,

Look at heading "Conversation in French", topic "How well do you learn French in this course" for a couple of responses to your query.

In a nutshell I would say you the more you expose yourself to different resources the better. In other words if you have access to other programs use them to compare and complement RF.

As for college courses, I would think they are better because you are in an interactive situation with other students and a teacher who can answer questions on the spot, rather than a program that is, well, a program.

Bon courage!

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