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Suggestion to Ad a Feature to the Materials



It would be very helpful if each individual line of the printed lessons had an audio pronunciation button, much like the free 6 day lessens did for individual words or phrases. That way, at any time you could click on the button and hear the sentence over and over again until you were comfortable with it. I might also suggest that once the line button is clicked, the full lesson comes to a stop until it is clicked on again in order to continue the full lesson. As it is at present, it is very difficult to try to back up the audio lesson to a specific spot with any degree of accuracy. Thanks. Jim


Hi Jim, thank you for your comments. I will forward your comments to the tech team to see if they can improve the way the audio lessons are currently working. Yes, we will split the audio into individual sentences for the Grammar and Culture lessons. It's a good idea. Thank you and all the best for your French learning.

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