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the Actor paul.



Is  it possible to choose a different ‘actor’ rather than the person that plays Paul? 


Not sure I can TAKE! much more of HIS way of READING like its a FAIRY TALE! being read to a CHILD! With the EMPHASIS in the WRONG place all the TIME! with everything being SUNNY and so much FUN




James W116,

I personally liked Paul's jovial way of presenting the language, but I agree, there were several hiccups in his pronunciation that made it tricky when it came to the “hear it say it” section. In level 2, there are new actors, both French and the presenter is Canadian. While I was a bit annoyed with this in the beginning, they all grew on me and I thought how good it is to be confronted with different accents, both from Natives and non-Natives. 

Now I am about to start level 3 and I am very curious to see who the new speakers are! I hope they are new ones again!


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