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I bought the package today and had a number of problems in getting access to the user area etc. Somehow I have an unusual password and would like to change it. However I am greatly concerned at the layout of the pages. The text is blurry, does not fit to the page in a way that can be read easily and does not scroll with ease using PgDn keys or the Up / Down arrows. The mouse and scroll wheel do not work. While the learning program looks very good, the presentation is very very poor and looks amateurish.. Am I doing something wrong as most Adobe presentations are excellent. An outline of the structure would be helpful and a suggsted getting started approach would help. At the moment it looks like a collection of different resources with little cohesion. Sorry if this sounds negative as it is not meant to be. I have much experience of "self-paced learning", and I am very keen to get the maimum benefit from the package. Any help would be appreciated.

Try to use the "hand" for panning in lieu of using up and down arrows. This makes it a bit smoother to pan down. If you click the hand button you will be able to real-time pan with the mouse.

The PDF reader is not the nicest - it doesn't seem to have a resize option, although the page up and page down keys work OK for me. I found the best way to use it was to maximise on screen and then use the "fit to page" option so that one whole page fits on screen. My screen is large enough to read a page comfortably but your mileage may vary. If you want a nicer PDF reader you can find the PDFs in c:\program files\Rocket French\PDFs, so you can use the Adobe reader. Only catch is there is no audio.

Hi there, here are some guide lines on how to use the course and get the most out of your study time. I hope that helps:

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