What's the point...


What is the point... of getting points if my daily score shows 1042, while at the same time in the leaderboard it shows 1239? As long as this system doesn't work, please don't show any points!


Who is counting at RF? Today My points: 300, while at the same time on Leaderboard: 452 points!

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Hi Ien, 

I am sorry to hear you are having this inconvenience with the points system. We have sent you an email to review this problem a little deeper. 

Kind Regards


Hi Bolletjeb - The difference is that your daily points are the points that you have earned within your day. i.e. it resets to a new day at midnight in your time zone.

The Leaderboard points is points earned over the last 24 hours, so it is quite possible that this number will be higher than your daily points if you have been working on consecutive days.

The Leaderboard needs to be based on the last 24 hours, otherwise time zones will cause issues.

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