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argot and articles in lesson 2.2




When I saw both phrases together, I wondered if I really understood why I would use one over the other. 


There's a little typo in the English. A little quote slipped in there.
  Do you speak English?”(polite form)
  Parlez-vous anglais ?

The question is this, why does l'argot have the article and anglais does not?

Est-ce que le guide parle anglais ?    Does the guide speak English?
Est-ce que le guide parle l'argot ?    Does the guide speak slang?

It is certainly okay to say either way, but they have different meetings.

I like this comment:

On peut noter que « parler chinois » peut signifier : s'exprimer de manière incompréhensible, contrairement à « parler le chinois ». –  Rémi May 21 '14 at 12:58

And for trivia, does anybody know what Paul actually says at 5:55 after asking "Is this lesson too hard?" and Claire says, "Je ne crois pas.". Paul: "Ha! I got you to admit it. This is a doddle." Doddle? A very easy task?  I love learning these British expressions that are not used in American English.


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