Capital letter after comma


Is the usage of a capital letter after a comma standard in French? As in: 'Oui, Je parle français'. I've had a quick search online but couldn't find any reference to it. Is it specific to being after oui or non?

toru e

Actually, it's not standard at all. Maybe the phrase was written by an anglophone?


Something I would like to see is information on French punctuation.  From what I see in RF, French and English punctuate differently; for example, I've noted that French question marks and exclamation marks are separated from the sentence by one space.  I've also seen places where commas would be required in English, but similar sentence structures in French don't appear to need the comma.

toru e

Good point, they also put a space before the colon and semicolon. This is standard in European French, but it's more accepted to not have this space in Canadian French.

One thing they don't have is the Oxford comma. So while we say "X, Y, and Z", they will just write « X, Y et Z ». By the way, the guillemets (« ») instead of quotation marks is another difference (and there should be a space between the guillemets and the content).

Oh,I just thought of numbers too. They would use a comma (virgule) where we use a period for a decimal point, i.e. 50,00.


Hi Richard - That was indeed an error that has now been fixed! I will get a lesson on French punctuation added, it is definitely worthwhile knowing!

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