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Ok I am new, got sold by the sale and I may find the answer to my own question. But so far I have not seen where the program devotes time to verbs for example. parler, to speak. How does the program teach you je parle nous parlons tu parles vous parlez il/elle/on parle ils/elles parlent and tenses, présent de l'indicatif imparfait de l'indicatif passé simple futur ...... etc. I am new to french and verbs worry me and I have not found out yet how well the program or the online exercises has it covered.

Hi there, welcome to Rocket French. Please go back to the members area and download the MegaGames software (in case you haven't done it yet). The MegaVerbs game will help you to learn and practice the 50 most common verbs in 9 different tenses. You can choose which tenses you want to be tested on, so you might want to start with the present tense first before moving on to more difficult ones. Before you start playing the MegaVerbs game I would recommend to read through the grammar chapters first to get an insight into how regular verbs change. Please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the course. :D

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