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FlashCards: I will bring you a hot drink (polite form)



I will bring you a hot drink (polite form) 
ANSWER: Je vous apporte une boisson chaude
This to me is present tense:  I bring or I am bring you a hot drink. what happened to the "will"? 

I venture to use the future tense:  Je vous apporterai une boisson chaude

Am I again translating word for word from English to French and not thinking in French?


Sorry, I hit the button too fast, trigger happy. 

I was going to ask the friendly form: I'll bring it to you.
ANSWER: Je t'apporte ça.
I followed the polite format above using future tense: Je t'apporteras ça.

Wrong? Right? Out in the left field? 



First:  whether to use familiar or formal depends on context.  To your close friend, you would use the familiar and to a stranger or a person of a higher standing socially than yourself you would use the formal.

Second:  To use the future Je apporterai, means I will bring a long time from now, such as next week or next month.  If very near future is meant, then it would be Je vais apporter.

Thus, if talking about a plan to bring a hot drink way in the future one might say Je vous apporterai une boisson chaude; but to bring the drink in the near future, one would say Je vais vous apporter une boisson chaude.

To know why the lesson used the present tense rather than a future tense, it's necessary to know the sentence's context.  Is it possible the speaker was talking at the same moment as he was bringing the drink?  Thus, the bringing was happening right now and the present is correct, even though we might translate it into future in English?  Finally, translating between two languages isn't an exact science because of differences in grammatical structure, and ways of expressing concepts, among other things.


NOTE: I'm missing context so I may be wrong, but I'd imagine the person is saying that because she is about to bring it, and not sometime in the future.

That's an interesting question. I think one difference is in how we use future in both languages.

In French, the future tense is for something that will come in a meaningful amount of time. For instance if you're in a restaurant, you would use future for something that will come at least in a few hours.

"Ce soir, j'irai faire des courses"

But "Je vous apporte une boisson" is assuming "je vous apporte une boisson tout de suite / dans 2 minutes"  (I'll bring you a drink immediately/ in 2 minutes) or fast enough at least, and for us it's not really something to come in the future.

It looks like in French we have [...past...][present...][future...] while in English it is [past][future] with the present being instantaneous, in between.


Oops I was still editing my answer before Diana-S1 came, and she's right.

In fact being very rigorous about it, it may be wrong to say "je t'apporte ça dans 2 minutes", but everyone does, really. People project themselves in the near future when they actually do the action.

PS: is there any way to edit/delete a post?


No, you can't edit/delete anymore and that's why I used addendum. 

My brain is in a straight jacket mode trying to learn French. This is exactly what torusan said about thinking in French and not trying to translate it to French. I did just that, word for word.

Both of you just hit me in the head and I woke up, only this time. I'm sure I will continue to ask the same silly questions but I'll try to put myself in the French shoes first, Haha

I just ran it through my head a scenario that my neighbor knocked on the door and I invited her in. Then I asked if she would like some coffee and she said yes. I replied, "I'll boil some water." Once I heard the "yes" I'm doing/boiling the water; can't be more present tense!!! than that yet when I'm asked to translate English to French my brain switched to stupidity mode!

Both of you have been most helpful but honestly I can't loosen up, not just yet. Hopefully by the time finish Module 3. First think in French then dream in French then I know I have arrived. 

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