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future tense


from Lesson 13.8:
Mon responsable essayera de faire de son mieux.

We have been taught that the irregular future root of to try is
In Lesson 13.8 I see "essayera" (above). Is it a choice, or a mistake?



Salut JanG !

Thank you for pointing this out - this is a very good question!

As a matter of fact, -ayer verbs like essayer have two possible future roots. So that sentence could be either Mon responsable essayera de faire de son mieux. OR Mon responsable essaiera de faire de son mieux. Both are correct. Which one you use can depend on where you are (people in some areas of the world sometimes prefer one verb form over the other) or just on your personal preference.

I have updated the lesson with this note so that it is clear for everyone.

Merci encore et bon travail !

- Liss

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