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In travelogue the translation for "luego se queda de pie ahi" is "then stands there". Should it not be "then he remains standing there"? or is "se quada" somehow irrelevant?



This came up some time ago in a conversation with one of my Spanish speaking partners (albeit in the other direction). If I remember the explication correctly, "se queda" is a way to describe a state of being, so in this case "stand" or "standing".

I'm going through the travelogue now. What lesson is this phrase taken from?



​quedarse significa estar en cuanto a personas.

​If you want to think of the idea of remains, then remember it's reflexive.  "He remains himself standing there."  But as Steven said, it is a state of being and so "quedarse" translates as "to be."


Hola Jeff,

¡Bienvenido de vuelta aquí en el forum! Si mal no recuerdo, tratabas de aprender el quechua. ¿Resultó? Cuéntanos un poco de tus experiencias desde la última vez - sería interesante de entender.




Gracias Esteban.  Escribiré en el "thread in Spanish."

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