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Having trouble with "r" in words


I have been having trouble pronouncing the "r" in words. It could be because I live in an area which is known for dropping the "r", but it is making me frustrated. Do you have any advice to help me?


You will eventually master this if you just keep practicing it.  I think everyone has a certain difficulty that they have to overcome in learning a new language.  Often the French "r" rolls off the roof of your mouth, but not quite as much as in Spanish.  Not easy to put down in words.  Keep listening to the native speakers here, that's what I do.

toru e

This link from a previous forum post may help you:

French sounds: Pronouncing R:

The placing of the tongue in French is actually opposite to Spanish. Whereas in Spanish, the tongue is upward and towards the tip of the front upper teeth, in French, the tongue is low and retracted towards the lower, inner part of the jawbone (below bottom teeth).


Merci everyone. I will keep practicing, and thank you for the video.

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