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Forum Rocket French French Grammar Il est certain que tu vas nous manquer

Il est certain que tu vas nous manquer



The translation of the sentence In the lesson 13.7 seems transposed
Il est certain que tu vas nous manquer. 
It is true that we are going to miss you.

Should not it be as follows?
It is true (sure) that you are going to miss us.  

Vit Novak



Salut Vit !

Thank you for your question!

Il est certain que can be translated in quite a few different ways, depending on the context (e.g. "It is certain that," "It is true that," "It is clear that," "There is no doubt that," "There is no question that," etc.). So "It is true that" does work as an accurate translation; however, it does also make things a little unclear. I will ask the French team to take a look at this lesson in order to add clarification.

Merci encore, et à la prochaine !



P.S. - My apologies, Vit - I was so engrossed with the "(sure)" part of your suggested translation that I missed the second part! :)

Talking about missing in French is a little backwards when you compare it in English. When you say tu vas nous manquer, what you are actually saying is "you are going to be missing to us." This is why tu comes first in the phrase.

Let's take a look at a few more examples to help the pattern become clear:

Tu me manques. = "You are missing to me." = "I miss you."
Il nous manque. = "He is missing to us." = "We miss him."
Elle lui manque. = "She is missing to him." = "He misses her."

The last example is probably the clearest: notice how we're using the indirect object pronoun lui.

I hope that this helps to make this clearer! Do let me know if you still have any questions.

À la prochaine,



Wow!  I would not have think of this explanation!  No way, despite the fact, that in my native czech it works the same way!  But not in the english mindset.
Thank you so much.  I would have botched this every time without realizing that I could be wrong.
Vít Novák


I would not have thought ...

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