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keystroke commands for the special vowel markings



Are there any keystroke commands for the special vowel markings in French?  Other word processing/writing programs do have these, for example Word uses  the Alt key followed by a 3 digit number. 


Are you using a Mac or Microsoft? 
I use the latter and employ the alt+number technique, which works in Word, and in the Rocket Langs interactive written exercises.
e.g. [ALT]+130 = é, [ALT]+138 = è etc.
If this is what you are looking for I can post a complete list (I remember most of the common ones but need the list for the rarer ones).
Plus the (somewhat fewer) German diacritics.
À bientôt...


That's exactly what I was hoping for.  We use Microsoft.  No need for the German unless they are already included in the list you have.  Merci beaucoup!


OK, here they are
« - 174             » - 175
à - 133,            À - 0192
â - 131,            Â - 0194
ä - 132,            Ä - 142
æ - 145,           Æ - 146
Ç - 128,           ç - 135
é - 130,            É - 144
è - 138,            È - 0200
ê - 136,            Ê - 0202
ë - 137,            Ë - 0203
î - 140,             Î - 0206
ï - 139,             Ï - 0207
ô - 147,            Ô - 0212
ö - 148,            Ö - 0214
œ - 0156,         Œ - 0140
ù - 151,            Ù - 0217
û - 150,            Û - 0219
ä – 132             Ä – 142
ö – 148             Ö - 153
ü – 129            Ü - 154
ß - 225

I've included the German since there's just a few, and in case anyone else could use them.
You'll probably want to copy & paste into whatever format you prefer (most common ones first, for instance): I've just put them in alphabetical order.
Bonne chance !
Dr. T

Dr. T

Thanks so much for this!

A lot of these will work for Spanish, too.


You're welcome!

ñ = [alt]+0241; if you need the others there is a useful site 
(Classified as safe by Norton btw). 
Mind you their  codes are 4-digits, but as you see above some have 3-digit alternatives. 

Are you teaching the elephant Spanish??


Thank you very much for your list of special French alphabet


De rien, Buyah.

It takes a bit to get used to it, and I use it for short items.
If you are writing a book it might get tedious, so it might be worth finding the best way to change your keyboard when working on that project.
I don't use that method (change keyboard) myself since for short passages it's not really worth it.
Salut !


Dear Peter,
I am sorry , I have been failed in practicing the method of special french alphabets, I just wanted to change the lower cases to the upper ones, it's unsuccessful.  May be you have easier advices for me to practice ? Thank you.


Hi Buyah,
I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to do, could you give an example?
For instance, are you trying to start a sentence with (e.g.) À - i.e. upper case à ?
If this is the case, to use the ALT method, you hold down the ALT key and type in 0192 quickly.
(In the list I posted above, I put the upper case codes on the right.)

If this isn't what you are looking for, my apologies, and if you can give an example I'll see if I can figure out what to do.
Also, I wonder if the Rocket Languages technical staff could help?


Salut tout le monde,

Hopefully I can help you out with your problem with capital letters, Buyah. There are three general methods that you can use to get accents onto letters, including capital letters (two of which have already been touched upon in this thread).

1) ALT Keys (for Windows)/Holding Down Keys (for Mac)

One way to write accents in the Rocket French course and in most (if not all) Windows programs is using ALT keys, which Peter--252 has kindly provided a very handy list of. ALT keys have one number code for lowercase letters and one number code for capital letters, so you'll need to be sure to use the right number code (happily, Peter--252 provided both sets of numbers in his handy list).

If you have a Mac instead, you should be able to simply hold down the key that you want to type an accent on top of, and you will see an array of accents on that letter that you can choose from.

2) Changed Computer Keyboard Layout

A second method that should work in the Rocket French course and in all programs is changing your computer keyboard layout. The process for doing this will vary depending on what version of operating system you're using, but in general, you should be able to add a new language and/or keyboard in your computer preferences and set it up so that you can toggle between your usual keyboard layout and a French layout. This will allow you to type all of the keys that appear on that French keyboard layout.

I would recommend using the Canadian French keyboard if you're able to get that, as its layout is closest to English keyboard layouts and it's easier to get accents on capital letters.

3) Rocket Languages Keyboard

If you're looking to type accents just in the course itself, another method you can use is the built-in keyboard for Rocket French. It can be a bit tricky to navigate at first, but it does have several accent keys (e.g. é, è, à) that are easy access on the keyboard. If you want to add an accent to a capital letter (or use a letter/accent combination that doesn't have its own key on the keyboard), you can do this using the box in the bottom left-hand corner of the keyboard. Follow these steps:

1. Open the keyboard by clicking on the keyboard image below the typing field. (You can make it bigger or smaller using the arrows on the top right of the keyboard.)
2. Tick the box in the lower left corner. This will highlight several keys that you can now use as accents.
3. Click on the highlighted key that resembles the accent you would like to use - for example, ^. (If the accent that you want to use is not visible, you can select the AltGr key to see more accents.)
4. Select one of the highlighted letter keys - for example, e. This will type a combination of the accent key and the letter key that you selected - for example, ê

To do this with capital letters, follow all of these same steps, but after Step 3, select the Shift key to capitalize the letters.

This is admittedly a bit fiddly to figure out - our technical development team currently has plans to look into improved keyboard methods. 

I hope that this was useful!

À la prochaine !


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