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My name is Tricia, as I went through Lesson 1.4 Are you thirsty, I got it that " Je t'apporte ça" means " I bring it to you" ; and from Lesson 1.3 Learning French, " Est-ce que vous le/la comprenez" mean " do you understand him/her ".

I asked my nephew whose native language is French how could I say " I bring it to her/him", he said i can say " je lui apporte ça". 

im a bit confused about the object le, la and lui. why cant we say " je la/le apporte ça " ? what is the difference among them?

Thanks in advance. 
toru e

toru e

Hi Tricia. The short answer is that le/la/l'/les are used for direct object constructions, and lui/leur for an indirect object.

For example, in the two examples: apporter is to bring something to someone, while comprendre is to understand someone {and not "to understand to someone}.

I think the confusion stems from the fact that the direct and indirect forms for je, tu, nous and vous are the same for both: me/m', te/t', nous, vous.


Hello Torusan,

Thanks alot for your reply. I also did a little search around and find some people explained about indirect and direct object pronouns. below is the link ( for anyone who face the same confusion). Cheers 



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