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Leçon 13.7 - J'espère que la cérémonie vous a plu



J'espère que la cérémonie vous a plu 

In this particular sentence structure, the format ending for the verb "plaire" in the passe compose should be « J'espère que la cérémonie vous avez plu »

Please provide your feedback and suggestions.


It's actually correct, but I suspect that the confusion might be due to the English translation, "I hope that you liked the ceremony" which is the normal way we would say it. In this sentence "you" is the subject of the subordinate clause.

However, the way it is expressed in French would have a literal translation of something like "I hope the ceremony pleased you", where we can see that you  vous ) is the object of the clause, and ceremony ( la cérémonie ) is the subject, so the verb is in the singular, « a plu ». 

J'espère que cela vous aide !


Salut PratulL et Peter--252 !

Thank you for your question, PratulL, and you are absolutely right, Peter--252! 

I will make sure that a literal translation is added in for this sentence to reduce confusion in the future. 

À la prochaine !


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