Forum Rocket French French Grammar Lesson 20.1 "Ils ont des nouveaux actes"

Lesson 20.1 "Ils ont des nouveaux actes"



Hi, I'm confused by this phrase as it appears in lesson 20.1. I thought that when the adjective ("nouveaux") is placed before the noun, you should write “de” rather than “des”. Is this not always the case?

Thanks in advance



Bonjour rachelshammond,


Sorry for the late reply.


You are right in thinking that when the plural indefinite article (des) is placed in front of an adjective, des changes to de. I'm not sure how this slipped through to be honest.


 This is however a very specific rule which is particularly confusing when used with adjectives like ‘nouveau’ which change their meaning depending on whether they are placed in front of the noun or behind. Many French people don't pay attention to this in spoken language.


Good spot!


   -   Mitchell

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