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Lesson 4.3 Booking a Table (réserver une table)



Hi everyone, this is my first time on the forum and I would be really grateful if someone could answer my question :) . I'd like to know why _*l'* _is put before _*on peut*_ in this sentence "Avez-vous un numéro de téléphone où l’on peut vous joindre?" This surely must translate as "Do you have a telephone number where _*it*_ we can contact you?" Why is it necessary to put the *_it_* before _where_ :? Thanks in anticipation!!

Hi there, welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it. Now to your question: The meaning of l'? It actually means nothing. The reason for having l' here is reasons really. Or rather, there is one: euphony! Just for the sound of it. Indeed, whenever there can be a harsh clash of vowel sound, like "que on" or "si on" or here "ou on", we may use "l" apostrophe to "break" this sound and make it sound more smooth. (NB: in more formal French though) Also, if it was a pronoun, we need to put "l'" after the pronoun "on". Compare: "ou l'on a vu..." ou on l'a vu Voila! I hope that helps. :D


Thanks very much Natalie - perfect reply - I'm a bit wiser now!! regards

That's great :D

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