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Lesson on getting a parking fine



Why is 'giving me a parking fine' translated as 'me mettre une contravention' rather than 'me donner une contravention'


Salut RobG10 !

The word contravention can be used with either donner or mettre - both are fine.

I hope that that is helpful!

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois !



En addition a Rocket French j'ai commence la conversation francophone a Oak Park, Il.  Malheureusment, a l'occasion de ma premiere visite a la converasation j'ai recu une contravention---ca m'a coute 33 dollars!


Salut OwenM8 !

Quelle malchance ! But this is a good point: it's also possible to also use recevoir when talking about une contravention.

À la prochaine !


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