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Lesson plan 13 question: la lui or lui la



On page 5 of lesson plan 13, the French for "She is treating her to it" is given and spoken as "_Elle la lui offre._" But for "I give it to you," the French is "_Je vous la donne._" and for "We are going to treat ourselves to them," the French is "_Nous allons nous les offrir._" What determines the order of these direct ("_la_" and "_les_") and indirect ("_lui_," "_vous_" and "_nous_") pronouns? They are different in the first example from the other two. Or would "_Elle lui la offre_" also be correct?

The general rule is that the direct object is in front of the indirect object, for example: il montre son neuveau manteau a ma fille. In this case the new coat is the direct object. However in long sentences the direct object is placed behind the indirect object: tu vas montret á ton ami les derniers photos de ma niéce. If you have more than one: "me", "te", "se", "nous" and "vous" are in front of "le", "la" and "les": tu nous raconte l'histoire - oui, je vous la raconte. Only in the case of the indirect objects "lui" and "leur" the rule is that the direct objects "le", "la" and "les" will be in front of "leur" and "lui". je raconte cettte histoire a mon oncle. oui, je la lui raconte I hope that helps

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