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How do I get from French level 1 to french level 2 or level 3? (level 1 is too easy)


Have you purchased the Premium Plus Level 2 lessons?  If you have, when RF loads, instead of working with Premium  Level 1, you simply open Level 2 and use its lessons.


i am not sure i was given an account by my school and i am the only one in my class with this issue


When you open RF, at the left side of the Dashboard, you'll see 2 or more dark blue rectangles with right-pointing arrows.  These rectangles name the areas in RF that you can open.  The top one reads, Premium: Level 1.  Depending on what was paid for, there are also Premium Plus:  Level 2, and Platinum:  Level 3.  Below the lowest Level is Tools.

Because I purchased all three Levels, I don't know what the rectangles look like for somebody who hasn't bought them; are they there but dim and unusable or are they not present:  I don't know.

I would suggest that you first contact the school and ensure that Levels 2 and/or 3 was purchased for you and properly added to your name.  The school may be your best source of help, and they may be able to solve your problem.  Good luck.

toru e

I don't think the level shows up at all if it's not purchased. I didn't pick up Level 1 of Spanish, just Levels 2 and 3, and there's no visual indication (whether through greyed out areas, or missing squares) that something is missing; the other levels just stack one above the other.


Hi Aidan - This may be something particular to your school. Please email customer support describing the problem.

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