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Ne se soit pas


My example in the lesson today is:

"Nous sommes desoles que la soiree ne se soit pas bien passe"

I can see that the subjunctive turns etre into SOIT here.... but why the "se" before the soit?
I understand when people are doing things together, "se" can come into it - - like

"on se parlera demain" - - but here they are only talking about one evening.


Thank you...


toru e

Ah, this is one of those cases where you use the pronominal verb se passer (to happen, occur, transpire) which has a different meaning than the non-pronominal "regular version" verb passer (to pass, spend). In this case, they're talking about the events of the party, so they're refering to the things that happened, rather than talking about the amount of time that was spent during the party.


Thank you!


Bien sûr - se passer. Un bon rappel.

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