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"nous avons de..." or "nous avons des..."



I'm working on unit 5.2 and came across these two sentences:
(1) Nous avons de charmants tableaux par ici. (We have some charming pictures over here.)
(2) Est-ce que vous avez des pantoufles ? (Do you have any slippers?)

Both refer to something in the plural (e.g. charmants tableaux) but the 1st has "de" which looks singular, whereas the 2nd has "des".
Is that because there's an adjective preceding it in (1) or am I missing something?

toru e

toru e

Exactly, you have the right idea! If the adjective is before the noun, then it's « de ».

If the adjective is after  the noun, then it would be « des ». Ex: Nous avons des tableaux noirs.


Merci Torusan !

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