passe compose



The lesson didn't mention when to use the auxilliary verb ete or avoir for passe compose


Most French verbs use avoir  for their auxilliary to form compound tenses such as passé-compose.

Generally, verbs of movement use être;  this group includes aller, mourir, partir, and venir.  All intransitive verbs that use être .  Examples:  Je suis allée à Paris. Je suis née à Lyon.

Transitive verbs, even when they express movement, such as danser and sortir use avoir.  Examples:  J'ai mangé  une pommeJ'ai choisi  un chapeau rougeJ’ai dansé.

Reflexive (pronominal) verbs use etre, even if they use avoir  when non-reflexive.   Example:  Je me suis lavé les dentsJ'ai lavé les vêtements.

That may be oversimplifying it; also beware of exceptions.

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