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Forum Rocket French French Grammar Tests not working (no feedback)

Tests not working (no feedback)


Tests in lessons 4.1 and 4.6 of Japanese Level 1 are not working. The audio files play normally and I can record my answers, but there is no feedback. If I click on the "Reveal" button to move forward, the page disappears (does not reload the same page) and bumps me to the main page of "My Dashboard – Level 1".
I quit the browser (Chrome) twice and logged in again, but that didn't fix the problem.


Just logged in, and the same applies to German. Also it shows NaN on the Today's Points score.
Suspect site problem or maintenance problem.


Thank you Peter. For some reason my post ended up under French Grammar instead of Japanese. According to the alert message I received when trying to post, I had not posted anything. Go figure.
Let's hope they fix it soon. I have since found that I can do most things on my iPad, but it's much slower and I can't access the Forum there. I also saw that NaN notice, though the score seemed fine when I accessed my account on the iPad.


This happened to French as well. I thought something was wrong with my computer because I was not getting feedback in vocab or the lessons.


Hi all - Sorry for the inconvenience. We upgraded some of the backend code base and unfortunately a few things were broken. We still have a couple of minor issues to fix but if you are still having issues with the problems above then please let me know asap.

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