The Perfect Tense



This is really a suggestion and not a question but I think it would be helpful.  In Lesson 3.6 - Talking about the Past: Passé Composé, it would help general understanding if the lesson somewhere stated that to form the past participle of regular verbs, you use the infinitive of the verb and for "er" verbs, replace the er with é - donner - becomes - donné.  For "ir" verbs, replace the (or take off) the ir and add i, so finir - becomes fini.  For the "re" verbs, replace the re with u -attendre - becomes attendu.  I stumbled upon this in a French grammar book and found it very useful for understanding how to form the Perfect Tense.  Kudos to Rocket French however for the anagram DR and MRSVANDERTRAMP in order to remember which verbs use "être" to form the Perfect Tense.


Bonjour DennisK8,

Thank you for your suggestion! You are absolutely right: that is the best way to think of how these verbs change in the passé composé.

We actually have a table showing this in Lesson 9.8 (Level 2), where we get more into the details and nitty gritty of how the various past forms work. The Level 1 lesson on the past is meant to be more of a general introduction to the past tense.

Merci encore et à la prochaine,

- Liss

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