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Tres - how is the e pronounced


In the first lesson, the instructor says that an e with an accent grave is pronounced ay, whereas an e with an accent aigu is pronounced eh. In the words, tres, pres, a cote, etc., all of those words use an accent grave but sound like "ay" to me. Have I been pronouncing them wrong all this time?

toru e

The sound for the accent grave isn't quite so exaggerated as "ay" , but it is pronouncend with your mouth slightly more open towards an "eh(y)" for très, and près. Côté uses an accent aigu in "À côté" and is pronounced with your mouth more "closed".


Super helpful. I actually got it backwards. The lesson mentioned that the accent aigu is pronounced ay and accent grave is eh. I'd always been saying tres like "tray." Sounds like that isn't quite right so I appreciate your explanation. Thanks again! Cheers!


I think it sounds like France. You have to exaggerate the r. 

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