Forum Rocket French French Grammar Why deosn't the word "Internet" (in French) have an article?

Why deosn't the word "Internet" (in French) have an article?


I'm just up to lesson 9.1 in which one sentence is:
"Regarde sur Internet".
Why not "Regarde sur l'Internet"?  I had assumed all French nouns need an article.
Is it because it's a 'borrowed' word, or a proper noun perhaps (I noticed it's capitalised)? 
But I believe we still say l'Angleterre  or la France.



Good question! I've seen elsewhere: access à internet. Will be interested to see the answer to this.
Thanks, Andrea


Bonjour à vous deux!

I am sorry for the late reply, but yes it is because it is a proper noun. We don't tend to use the article for proper nouns.

For example,
Il travail sur Paris. - He works in Paris.

Internet is treated the same as Paris in the above sentence.

I hope this helps!

   -   Marie-Claire


Thanks Marie.  I'll keep an eye out for other examples from now!



A good thing to learn; thank you!

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