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Forum Italian characters in flash cards

Italian characters in flash cards



I posted this question before but have not received an answer.

How can I enter Italian characters into my own flash cards with a UK keyboard?



You don't give your operating system but for windows I know three ways.
1. use the windows character map program in windows  which is not very convenient.

2. Use the alt key followed by the numeric character  code. You have to use the numeric keypad on the right of your keyboard to type the number. There are several lists of the numbers on the net, here is one example:
I have written the numbers for the accented letters on a little card by my keyboard.

3. Set up an additional keyboard layout for your language. You can do this in your language settings. There is lots of info on the net how to do it. Then you can flip between keyboard layouts. You will need to work out which keys to press for the foreign characters, the little keyboard available in the write it tests can guide you.

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