Ciao, Sometimes there are sentences in the exercises area with words I don't understand. I have to go to a different site to look for a dictionary, or consult my small Italian/English dictionary. I also like to compose sentences of my own to improve my learning, and many times I find myself stuck with some word I don't know in Italian. It would be so helpful if you would add an Italian/ "Language of choice" dictionary to the Rocket Toolbox. Mi piace molto il Rockcet Italiano. Adeso studio Italian Premium Plus. Vorrei molto visitare la bella cita di Italia, ma no e posible perque sono malata and non poso fare viagi lungi. Sono felice solamente imparando, e trying di capire e parlare questa bellisima lingua. Una cosa più. Dove e Alex. Roberto e OK, ma ero (used to) Alex in Rocket Italian Premium. Mi manca lui. I know, terrible Italian, but need to practice. Correction Please! Gracie!


Ciao Em21, thank you very much for your post. I'll forward your idea to our Rocket Italian Development Team to see what they think. Google Translator is a tool used by lots of ours students. Here below your sentence : Mi piace molto Rocket Italian. Adesso sto studiando Italian Premium Plus. Vorrei molto visitare l'Italia, ma non mi e' possible perche' sono malata e non posso fare viaggi lunghi. Mi accontento di cercare di capire e parlare questa bellissima lingua. Un'altra cosa... Dove e' Alex ? Roberto va bene ma mi ero abituata ad Alex in Rocket Italian Premium. Lui mi manca. I hope this helps. Keep going as you are going very well !!!! Buon divertimento. Ciao

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