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Hindi writing of vyakthi / person


Just noticed the writing of the hindi word viakthi does not look correct to me. व्यक्ति Should the 'I' not be after the 'Ka' and before the 'Th' with a link between 'I' and 'Th'


btw, it's in the lesson '2.1 Tourist Information' and of course it shud b 'vyakthi' / person


I thought it shud be व्यकति


there isn't a video to show me how to write the alphabets in hindi


How can i practice writing on my ipad?


Namaste, Aap kaise hain? Can anyone tell me how you can do the rating in the writing section? Just by yourself if you think you know it and then you click rather well or so? Or is there some test somewhere?



एक सौ पचास रुपैये प्रति व्यक्ति । ek sau pachaas rupaiye prathi vyakthi | Rs 150 per person The above sentence is from lession 2.1 Tourist information. व्यक्ति=person Conjunct consonants क+त = क्त The word व्यक्ति contains these letters: व=va (only half v in this case) य=y क=k त=t The correct spelling is व्यक्ति vy-akti =person(m) व्यक्ति derives from Sanskrit. व्यकति is an incorrect spelling. vyakthi is an incorrect transliteration. vyakti is an correct transliteration. त=t (unaspirated)

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