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How to make most effective use of learning from movies/news


Hi, How would I make my time most effective if I'm trying to further my knowledge of the Hindu language by watching the news/Bollywood Movies. Thanks....jr


namaskaar . Yes -by watching Hindi news and Bollywood movies, you can reinforce the words and expressions you have learned through Rocket Hindi. Most of the recent Hindi movies have English sub titles. So, watching those may help you to improve your vocabulary, though it could be a bit challenging in the beginning. Hindi news is a good option to improve your pronunciation and it also gives the opportunity to listen to various Hindi accents. So don’t miss out any chance to watch movies and news. From my own personal experience ( of learning Tamil), I can confidently suggest that good movies can help you a lot in building vocabulary and practice what you already know. If you like music, try to listen to Hindi music and you will be amazed with range and beauty of the vocabulary they can provide you with! Good luck! aapkee Nikita


I couldn't agree more with what Nikita posted.. I've been watching movies for a while now, and by doing that, I've found that some of the music is absolutely amazing. I have 2 soundtracks from movies in my car that I run on repeat all the time. It's amazing that by listening to the music and watching the movies, how quickly your mind will start to translate the words. Enjoy. Joe


yess i wish i could understand hindi movies

Deven--3 देवन--३

You will be understand Hindi movies if you work hard enough at learning and memorizing Hindi, listening to Hindi music, and listening to Hindi radio.

Practice and you will get better and better

Gaurav (Rocket Hindi Tutor)

May be start with older movies (70s and 80s), they are slow paced so it will be easier to understand.

Deven--3 देवन--३

Hi Gaurav,
Can you please name some examples of 70s/80s movies? I would like to watch a slow paced movie. I recently watched 'Dhoom' but I thought they spoke very fast and the vocabulary was hard and for me, I found it a bit hard to understand. Can you please help?



Gaurav (Rocket Hindi Tutor)

Hi Deven,
Here is a list of some good old movies:

They are all mixed movies, action, love story etc. This list includes many super hit old movies. You can find most of them on the youtube or a simple google search will show many websites which offer free streaming movies. 

Good luck,

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