Just wondering...


Is Hindi similar to Tamil?


I have a good friend who speaks Tamil, and can't understand Hindi at all! I think they are quite different. She has told me that Tamil has over 200 letters, compared with the 50+ of Hindi! She said school kids spend the first few years of school just learning the alphabet. Wow!


Thanks for answering. Since the two languages are not similar...Would you know of a good book or website with which I could learn to write Tamil?


No, sorry! I would try a few web site searches and see what you like. That's what I did with Hindi (before coming to Rocket Hindi, of course!) Phir Milenge!


tamil is tottally different panjabi is simlar


is Hindi the main one in Indian that everyone can understand? because I know some indian speaks in English because is not easy for them to understand each others -as they said, is it true?


Sanskrit is the parent langauge from which Hindi was derived and the use of the language varies from place to place due to a variation in the dialect, so you would have dialects called Madhubani, Mungeri,Awadhi which are all Hindi-based but with slight variations.

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