Lesson pronunciation guide?


I am using Safari and am trying to decipher the Romanized (English) translations of the Hindi lessons. Is there a pronunciation guide somewhere? For example "th" seems to be pronounced with a hard "t" sound. Also, some words such as "hai" show up as "haiM" and "hoo" is shown as "hooAO". Maybe Safari is not displaying these images correctly? Thanks.


Hi there, thanks for your post and welcome to the forum. Safari is working fine, we use capital letters to help with the pronunciation. Here are the special symbols that we use: 1. Full stop. a "|" denotes a full stop in Hindi 2. Nasalization marker: there is usually at least one symbol which indicates nasalization of vowels or other sounds. In Rocket Hindi we use AO to denote ँ just like in यहाँ (yahaaAO ) and M to show ं just like in मैं (maiM ) 3. Breath marker: the visarga indicates that a sound has a breathy quality and denoted by H as in अः (aH) I hope that helps. Nikita

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