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Hi I've just purchased this Hindi course. The script that accompanies the course seems incomplete and I'm finding it a bit hard to follow. I'm doing lesson 1.1 and the speakers are saying good day (shubha dhin) which is in the script - but they are also saying good morning and good evening - yet there is no script to show how the words are spelled or what they mean. Is there somewhere on this site that I can easily get this information? Thanks


namaskaar Thank you very much for your feedback. The script for Good Morning and Good evening are included in the Language section of lesson 1.5, but I am including those here for your quick reference. Good morning = suprabhaatham सुप्रभातम Good evening = shubh sanDhyaa शुभ सन्ध्या Hope this helps and please feel free to come back if you have any more doubts. aapkee Nikita


namaskaar kaise haiM aap? Hope you are getting well with your Hindi lessons. Please feel free to let us know if you have any feed backs. aapkee Nikita


namaskaar Nikita I am a new student of this Rocket Hindi course, and i must say i am beginning to enjoy it. Now i do have a question as to why 'haiM' is spelt with an 'M' at the end instead of 'N' since it is pronounced like an 'N' at thee end?


Both mean the same, it is just to show a nasalized sound. Another examples is kahim or kahin. They mean the same "somewhere". I see both on a regular basis. Reason being, Hindi doesnt have a standard romanized form, so, you just need to allows for this.


That's one reason I have found learning the Devanagari Script (Hindi letters) so useful. I follow the conversation with the hindi letters, and I don't get confused with the N or M. And you'll also find that when you look other websites, etc. they may use another way of showing the nasalized ending. I love the hindi script, and have enjoyed rocket hindi along with it. Danyavaad, Nikita, Nathan, Mohamed! Phir Milenge!

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