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Other than the computer

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Deven, 

We have a free app you can download to Android, iOS or Amazon devices (phones and tablets), just keep in mind that you would require an Internet connection in order to use it. 

The online version of the course includes both download and online lessons. All of the Interactive Audio lessons can be downloaded to your computer and copied to an iPod/MP3 player/smartphone etc for listening to away from your computer. PDF versions of the Language and Culture lessons can be saved and printed out.


Deven--3 देवन--३

Hi Marie,

After I download an interactive audio lesson, how do I copy it onto an iPod or MP3 player?



marieg-rocket languages

Hi Deven, 

Well, you can copy and paste the audio files that are already downloaded from your computer to your MP3 Player. If you would like to transfer them to your iPod, then plug the iPod to your computer and you can use iTunes to transfer the audio files. 

I hope that helps!

Deven--3 देवन--३

Thank you Marie!

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