where to start!?


ive been interested in learning japanese and everything in the beggining is so confusing, im considering buying the premium version, and i just wanted to know if this program would teach me the written language as well and if theres anything i should do wih this thanks!


Rocket Japanese is awesome and with the 2013 edition I'm sure you'll learn a lot. Yes the premium course covers all hiragana and katakana charcters as well as some kanji so you will be able to recognize and write in Japanese. The interactive audio lessons will let u take part in natural conversations that you would likely have if u were visiting Japan, the language lessons take it a step further and build upon the interactive audio lessons to teach u how to use the words/phrases well enough to express yourself and the culture lessons teach u about the culture of Japan. I'm sure other members will tell u their experiences with the Program I think it's the best program for learning japanese personally.


Remcy-san is right ! And as a reference, I can tell you that finishing all 3 levels here on Rocket Japanese represented about 50-60% of the work necessary to get ready for the JLPT exams. If it weren't for RJP, I wouldn't have had the courage and skills to sit the JLPT N3 exam :)


hey,kocira kara betonamu

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