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kash hota काश होता


What is kash hota काश होता

How would you use this to say. had I had done that, I would be such and such e.g.

Had I got married to her, I would be a happy person today. 

How would one write that in Hindi


Hi rmidha,

I will use काश होता in a sentence or two to give you better understanding of this phrase. 

काश मैं एक डॉक्टर होता (I wish I was a doctor).  
काश मैं भारत की यात्रा कर सकता (I wish I could have traveled to wish)

काश  is mainly used to describe a desire. 'I wish this would have happened' . 

And this is how we will translate your query- 

अगर मैंने उससे शादी की होती, तो आज मैं एक खुश व्यक्ति होता 

I hope I have cleared your doubt. 

Feel free to send us more queries. Have a good day!



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