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pronouns for inanimate and animate objects


to my understanding KO को is used to denote any action action done to animate object. For example I fed the cat

मैं ने बिल्ली को खिलाया
The pronoun would be isko or usko no?

मैंं ने उसको खिलाया

However when referring to an inanimate object. You would use yeh or woh to refer to the pronoun.

e.g.  I drank tea.
मैं ने चाय पी

the pronoun would be

मैं ने यह पी

One would not use isko or usko to refer to tea.  Am I correct in my understanding?



Hello Rmidha, 
Yes, tea and any other drinks or food products cannot be referred to as isko or usko.  It would be better to use the actual names such as tea, coffee, etc. I would apply the same theory to animals as well because referring to them as usko or isko would not make sense to anyone about what you are referring to. Please revert back to me if you need further clarifications.
Best regards


If you dont know what the name of an object is then what do you use?

Like I see a product but I dont know the name of it

​मैं यह खरीदना पसंद करूँगा


Hello Rmidha,
Please use the following:
" इ wअन्त् तो पुर्छसे थिस् इतेम्."
It means I want to purchase this item.  Since you don't know the name of the product, it would be appropriate to address it in a general way.
Hope this helps. 
Best regards,

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