Origin of Hindi Language


namaskaar kaise haiM aap? paDaaee achChee tharah chal rahee hai na? We have been listening to Hindi conversations, writing Hindi scripts and even speaking a little bit of Hindi too! But have we ever thought how this beautiful language was developed or originated? Well, in this post, I will try to give a very brief history of Hindi language. Hindi is born from Hindustani, a slang that was being used by the inhabitants of ancient North India. The language was given this particular name by the Persian speaking invaders. They named this language as “Hindvi”. Hindvi, in Persian meant “the language of Hind”, and “Hind” was “The land of the river Indus”. Hindvi was made very popular all among North India during British Raj and by eighteenth century there were several literary works in Hindvi. Hindvi/Hindi has a sibling, Urdu. Urdu also has Hindustani roots, but it uses the Persian / Arabic script. Both the languages were enriched by Persian, Arabic, Portuguese and English languages. It is very hard to distinguish between these two, when spoken. With the passage of time, Hindi showed more Sanskrit affinity and used Devnagari script to write. Urdu continued using Persian / Arabic script and became the official language of Pakistan. Was it interesting? I think it might lead you to do some research and find more interesting facts about Hindi, or Urdu or their relationship! Good luck! aapkee Nikita


bahot accha ! - :)


is hindi made up of a lot of launguges panjabi muslim ect i dunno

Deven--3 देवन--३

Muslim is not a language.


I think Hindi is mostly derived from Sanskrit. There are many Persian and Arabic loanwords.

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