Forum Rocket Hindi Hindi Vocab What are the two words for 'difficult' in Hindi?

What are the two words for 'difficult' in Hindi?


What are the two words for 'difficult' in Hindi?


"difficult" can be translated into "mushkil" (Muśkila) or "khatin" (Kaṭhina). besides these words, there are other words which means difficult as well.


मुश्किल - mushkil - difficult (Perso-Arabic origin) कठिन - kaṭhin - difficult (Sanskrit origin) You will find an incorrect spelling of the word 'mushkil' in 1.7 survival phrase lession. Here are examples: 1.7 Survival phrases हिन्दी मुशकिल है, है ना? (मुशकिल is an incorrect spelling. मुश्किल is correct) hindhee mushakil hai, hai naa? ( mushakil is incorrect. mushkil is correct) Hindi is difficult, isn't it? 1.7 Survival phrases हाँ, हिन्दी बहुत मुशकिल है । ( मुश्किल not मुशकिल) haaAO, hindhee bahuth mushakil hai | (bahut mushkil not bahuth mushakil) Yes, learning Hindi is difficult

Deven--3 देवन--३

कठिन can also mean hard if you want to say something is "hard."

That(test) was hard. (वह कठिन था।) 

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