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Asking someone to call for a taxi?


After dinner, I tend to ask the staff if they would call a taxi - in English, as I am just starting to learn. But this limits me where I eat. I wonder if either of the below 2 questions would sound polite enough (as I am asking for a favor) - but I am not sure if either is proper - A) Se puo chiamare un taxi per mi? B) Se possibile, mi puo chiama un taxi? C) Other I am worried I asked someone to call me a taxi - meaning they could respond with "you are a taxi" :)


mi puo chiamare un taxi per favore.


Grazie mille


Esatto ! Bravo Doug :) Ciao


può prendere un taxi per me,per favore?


Hi Azarmidokht, the sentence "può prendere un taxi per me,per favore?" means "can you take a taxi for me please?". I hope this helps. Ciao



If you say, Mi puo chiamare un taxi per favore. That sounds like you are saying "I can call a taxi please." Rather than asking someone "Can you call a taxi please?" Maybe it is just me, but it seems something is just not correct or missing in the first italian sentence.


The more I think about this, I now believe that this may be the correct way to ask. Puo chiamare un taxi per favore a mi? Anyone care to respond on this?


Ciao a tutti, The sentence "can you call me a taxi please?" in Italian is : "mi puo' chiamare un taxi per favore?" (formal form) "mi puoi chiamare un taxi per favore?" (friend form) if you want to say "I can call a taxi", you will need to say: "posso chiamare un taxi" I hope this helps Ciao


If I would have said: puo' chiamare un taxi per me per favore? Will that work


Ciao Erwin, the sentence is not correct. The correct is : Mi puo' chiamare un taxi per favore? ciao

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