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Ciao a tutti

I have come to the conclusion that learning anything new can be exciting, but that one goes through stages where it doesn't feel so great. Bought an e bike a few months ago. Could barely manage 3 kilometrers, and now have imroved tremendously. have come to the conclusion that there are similarities to learning anything new. Some days I have to absolutely force myself to get on the bike and the same goes for learning my languages, but once have done it feel much better. Sometimes painfully we make small increments of improvement and other times we sail along.


Even though it is an ebike one still needs to pedal unless downhill, it is called a pedal assist. 

I consider Rocket a tremendous assist and although I do other bits and pieces from other sites and books, Rocket gets you speaking. So all in all it is a great assist. 

So keep pedaling everyone, it does get easier




That's a great metaphor, Sebongela.  Variety is key, given daily fluctuations in circumstance.

A Presto






Hi Sebongela,


Indeed that's a great metaphor, I couldn't agree more! Everyone's learning process goes uphill and downhill at times, and that's perfectly normal. As long as we are putting in the effort, we'll always achieve outstanding results :) 

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