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2021 Edition is TERRIBLE



Is there a way of going back to the 2020 edition of Rocket Italian? The new version is terrible! The sidebar on the left takes up 30% of the screen space and it serves absolutely no purpose. Whose idea was this?!


marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Alex5003, 

Thank you for your feedback on the 2021Edition; unfortunately, it is no longer possible to go back to the 2020version; please note that there always was a sidebar on the browser version; in the previous version, it read the levels you could access and that's where you could see the points and leaderboard status. You may perceive this new display bigger as it has a background color, but it should be easier to see your progress on the tests (without having to "Go Back" or scrolling up and down); and also see the Notes left on the lessons as well as the option to leave feedback to us. 

I am sorry we cannot assist you further on this regard, and hope you can find the new version smoother and helpful in the long run. 

Kind Regards

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