2CDs vs 20CDs


Hi, Just purchased the on-line, downloadable version and noticed the option to purchase the lessons on CD. What is the difference between the 2CD version and the 20CD version other than the 20CD version seems to be in Stereo, contains 18 more CDs and is 10 times the price? thx, Mike


Hi Mike, welcome to the Rocket Italian Community and Forum. The 2CD and the 20CD packs: The 2CD pack is recommended for those who have a slow internet connection or who would like a backup copy of the course on file. The CD’s allow you to install the Interactive Audio lessons and the Megagames Software onto your computer without having to access the Internet. The 20CD packs also allow you to install the Audio and Software onto your computer. The main advantage of purchasing the 20CD pack is that the audio CD’s can be played in a stereo/CD player. If you have any further questions, please let me know. All the best for your Italian learning! Ciao

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