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4.5 "Countryside" is not on website


However it is on the CD version--only problem with that is that you can't look at the Italian words, with just the MP3 files, and anyone who didn't buy the CD is out of luck. Also I am sure you are aware that the Grammar part of the website does not provide audio where it says it does (it does try, a few times the audio links appear, but then they disappear before giving the opportunity to hear them.) Also none of the quiz answers in the Grammer section are shown--the link ends up going to your home page. A quiz isn't very helpful if you don't know if you gave the correct answer. I think if I had paid the full price for the program (I got it on the $99 special), I would be a little upset. Otherwise the concept for teaching Italian is great. The dialogues and comments of the narrators are very helpful. The Grammar Sections would be great too if they worked properly. Looks like you have a "work in progress" that we really be super once it all works properly.


Hi there, thank you for your comments. Please login again, as the items you mention have been fixed. I apologize for the audio problems you are having. You can try reinstalling the Flash Player on your computer. Flash Player is the application that you need in order to play some of the audio files. To download it for free, please click on the following link: Please also download the Shockwave Player, you can download the Shockwave plug-in from the following link. shockwave <http://sdc.%3cspan%20class=/>.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi" target="_blank"> <http://sdc.%3cspan%20class=/> Also you could try using a different browser, like Firefox or Internet Explorer. If none of these recommendations solve the problem, please let me know. Lesson 4.5 "Countryside" is in the members area. The grammar answers work now and display the correct answers rather than going to the home page. I hope you enjoy the course and please let us know if you have any other feedback. Thank you!


I still can't see lesson 4.5 - Countryside - in the online members area. - Jan


Hi there, I apologize for the inconvenience. It might be a caching issue. Please make sure you clear your cache or do a full refresh of the page by holding down the "CTRL" button and "F5". Let me know if you still can't see it. Thank you!

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