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4.9 "Me" and "Her": Direct Object Pronouns



Ciao a tutti, 

Please excuse me if this post is in the wrong category.

I am going through lesson 4.9 again, and I have a small observation of something that could make the lesson go more smoothly. Just something to consider.

Something that I notice in this lesson is that the flashcards can be confusing in English to know which italian phrase it wants. For instance, in the lesson:

"(I) am buying them." 

Is shown as:

Le sto comprando
Li sto comprando

And it is hard to know which sentence the english flash card wants, which leads to more mistakes in my italian answer, since there is no indication of the gender that it needs in italian in these sentences in the english translation of the card. This matters only when the english sentence is brought up, and you have to choose the italian. 

Both Le and Li are right, but according to the english flashcard, only one or the other could be right. 

The same coild be said with the english sentences the refer to “it”. 

(I) want to eat it, (I) am eating it. 

It would be helpful to know which gender the italian answer should be. 

Maybe there could be a “fem.” or “masc.” next to the english flash cards as a reminder? 

Thank you for considering this!

Great work on the program. :)




Hi James,

Thanks so much for your post. I just wanted to let you know that the Flashcards do already include grammar notiations to help you determine the correct answer, e.g. "S-I" and "P". You will find them in the top right corner of the card. 

I hope that helps! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this post, or contact our Customer Support team directly.



Thank you very much! I have noticed that the website tends to show more than the app… I think using the websites more will solve this problem.


Thank you again!

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