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Mega Italian

I was using the Mega Italian software, but the picture and the words do not match up correctly. for an example: there is a picture of a man driving a motorcycle. But the english words describing the picture is "to play an instrument" of th...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - February 7, 2010

what is after stages one and two?

Hello, I have just joined today. I have already started learning with Michel Thomas's foundation course and then I read a review of this site. I found stage 1 fairly easy and I would like someone to tell me where I can find the more advanced stages. Tha...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - January 5, 2010

Corrupt Megatalian

Hi all I am a new member and have tried to dpwnload the games several times. Once downloaded and i try to "run " the megatalian games i keep getting a message saying that the file is corrupt and i need to download again, which i have done severa...

2 replies - Last post by mvc - November 26, 2009

iPod/iTunes related question

I purchased the online version and so far I really like it!I was wondering, though, since I bought the windows version, can I still go to my Mac, log on, and download the files into my iTunes so that I can put them on my iPod? I would love to be able to l...

2 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - September 20, 2009

Vocabulary Games

So, where do I find the games and things that are supposed to supplement the lessons? Is this something that will pop up later, after I do more than a few of the early lesson plans? I can't seem to find a link for any of that. Just the lessons.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - September 17, 2009

Who are the classmates?

It would be nice to have an area where students could introduce themselves. They could say things like, from where they are, why they are taking the course, how they feel about the course, etc. etc. Edith

6 replies - Last post by em21 - September 16, 2009


you might consider an audio under the "extra vocabulary". click and listen to the word. Would really help on learning pronunciations. :)

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - August 11, 2009

purchased with full price can t get lessons

I purchased rocket italian last night the only thing i can get are lesson 2 and 1 examples. will i eventually be given a link to download the package?? is waiting part of the initial process? :|

6 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - July 30, 2009


Where are the MegaVocab, MegaGames and other downloads.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - July 27, 2009

Grammar & Culture Lessons Now Available

Dear Rocket Italian Community, All of the Grammar & Culture Lessons are Now Available in the Members Area from a link on the left side bar called 'Grammar & Culture.' Sorry it took us longer than expected to add these. We hope that you enjoy the...

5 replies - Last post by netita89 - July 23, 2009

Lesson 4.5 Tuscan Region

Hi, as I finished lesson 4.4 Opera, it said that the next lesson would be on Tuscan Region, but it is no where to be found, the next one I find is on Family, Domestic, can you tell me where and how can I find lesson 4.5 on Tuscany. Grazie.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - July 13, 2009

4.5 "Countryside" is not on website

However it is on the CD version--only problem with that is that you can't look at the Italian words, with just the MP3 files, and anyone who didn't buy the CD is out of luck. Also I am sure you are aware that the Grammar part of the website does not p...

3 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - July 6, 2009

Level 2 ?

Ho studiato l'italiano per due anni, e penso che "rocket Italiano" è molto facile. È possibile che un " Level 2" è pianificato.? Con distinti saluti. Bent Neumann

5 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 30, 2009

Incomplete questions in quiz 5.7.1

In 5.7.1 in the Grammar Section, questions 1 through 4 ask to fill in the gap in sentences which follow, however no sentences are shown. FYI- My XP now works giving me both audio and Activity answers in the Grammar Sections. Thanks.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 29, 2009

Some errors in quiz 5.6.1

I hope you don't mind my pointing these out to you, but I am sure you want to make the best program possible and I hope I can help. QUIZ IN 5.6.1 Grammar: #1. Correct answer should be "Che Peccato" #3. Expression used in making a complaint shoul...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 29, 2009

Errors in the quizzes

There are a large number of questions on the practice quiz #2 that are incomplete! For instance question 12 asks "How do you translation the reply" but doesn't give anything to translate. The choices are: Panini, Prego, Certo, Grazie mille...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 29, 2009

MegaItalian Download

Can't install MegaItalian Games because it doesn't download completly. When I try to download, it stops before completing the total 25.8 MB, but it still says that the download is complete. I get the window asking if I want to "Run", and when I ...

6 replies - Last post by em21 - June 29, 2009


It would really help if the vocabulary that you cover in Bonsus Lessions 3.11( Numbers) and 3.12 (Clothing) put into text form. It is a lot easier to remember vocabulary if you see it written. Thanks.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 18, 2009

Errors in Quiz

2 problems with program: The Quiz for 3.3 Nightclub will not load. In Quiz for 3.4 Pharmacy, Question 2 asks how would you ask "How are you" in the formal. The answer should be "Come sta?", buy this was marked incorrect by the program.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 15, 2009

Answer to quizz in Newsletter part 6.

Hi, where can I get the answers to quizz in Newsletter part 6? (Suppose to be 5 but it says 6). At the end of the quizz it says Show answers(*MB) and than there is a link that says "click here to download this file". When I click that link, it t...

2 replies - Last post by em21 - June 4, 2009

Broken links

When I select "Click here to download this file" to get answers for the activities, it takes me back to the Rocket Languages home page. Also, the audio link for section 3.8.18 of the Stage 1 quiz says "File not found". Thanks

0 replies - Last post by jgilmore - June 2, 2009

Hi, is anybody there?

Not that I am in much of a hurry, but is anybody there answering questions? I sent 2 since May 24th, but there is no response. Just wondering, Edith

0 replies - Last post by em21 - May 29, 2009

Rocket Italian Online

After a few glitches with the Links, things are falling in place one by one. Dissapointed I got no replies to my previous post on this subject, though. Just out of curiosity, can someone tell me how long has this course, includindg the Forum, been availa...

2 replies - Last post by AnnaThompson - May 25, 2009

Rocket Italian Complimentary CD's

Hi eveybody, this is my first posting in this board. I just purchaced the downloadable Rocket Italian Premium Package. I understand I can also get a copy of the package in 2 CD's, but I can't find where to go to order them. I e-mailed Rocket Languages twi...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - May 24, 2009

Re: Grammar & Culture Lessons Now Available

I am new to the course (less than one month) and it seems that the entire Rocket Italian website has just been redesigned. The original version has a list of audio lessons, with each having a corresponding grammar/culture text.lesson. It seemed easy and ...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - May 24, 2009

Molto problema con mio Links

I am very happy with my Rocket Italian Lessons, but sure I am having problems with some of the extracurricular links. Link to order Rocket Italian CD’s I get a link that says “click here” to order these CD’s. When I do that, it takes me to a Click bank o...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - May 24, 2009

Rocket Italian Rehearsal Self Tests

Buongiorno. Congratulations on the new look at the Rocket Italiano website. When I tried to take a self test after going through few lessons, however, an error message prompted: "You must select at least one Lesson from the list below!!"; des...

2 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - May 24, 2009

MegaItalian MAC Version

I have a couple of questions: I have just downloaded the MAC megaitalian V2.01 games code. I have the latest stuffit code installed in my machine. (1) When I try and expand the games files, stuffit gets to the end and then unexpectedly terminates. When...

2 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - March 23, 2009

Posting a comment

I want to post a comment that I think will be helpful to those like me who have a little difficulty hearing. How do I create a New topic and post my comment, if this is possible?

2 replies - Last post by John-Mulholland - August 23, 2008

Extra Vocabulary words

Since verbs are so important in language, I would like to see as each new verb is introduced into the conversation to also have it placed in the "Extra Vocabulary" box in the written portion of the lessons. Maybe conjugate them simply as well. ...

3 replies - Last post by tenlayers - April 25, 2008

Downloading files

Finally, I figured out how to download the entire lessons. I was thinking that if I downloaded 1.1, since I clicked on 1.1 - 1.4 to get there, that the entire four sections would be downloaded. Now I realize you have to download each section individuall...

1 reply - Last post by John-Mulholland - August 26, 2008

Where you save the file to on computer

This post has been deleted by the author.

3 replies - Last post by John-Mulholland - August 25, 2008

Downloading and saving lessons in Itunes

Hi, I just purchased the download version of Rocket Italian and want to download and then save each lesson in my Itunes program so I can listen on my IPOD. I am having trouble saving Itunes. I can download the lesson and listen to it from my computer, ...

1 reply - Last post by Kate - August 14, 2008

Alex and Maria

Dear Alex and Maria, I just wanted to say that I am almost a third of the way thru the audio lessons now and am really enjoying them. I like the way that you guys manage to weave in relevent cultural information into the lessons and you sense of humor t...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - April 9, 2008

Getting the grammar & culture lessons

Dear Rocket Italian, Thanks for the course - so far so good. Can you explain how we access the grammar & culture lessons?? Thanks Ibrahim

1 reply - Last post by (deleted) - April 9, 2008

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