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Not a question, just a feedback. Because of home and health problems, I have been away for awhile. That is why it has taken me long to post this in response to the 2015 new additions.

I am very happy for the effort that is put in improving the lessons, constantly. But, there is something that bothers me a bit. It has been my experince that every time I am about to finish a lesson, something else is added to it. Not only to one level, but to every level of the language. Obviously, I don't remember 100% of what I learn, so every time you add something, I have to go back and begin again with my first level and review every lesson one by one, and then take all the new tests, in order to bring all back to date.

This is about the third or fourth time, I've had to do this. At this pace, I will never get done with this class. Just wanted to mention this. It would have been nice, if you had this classes complete, before they were put out on the market.

Thanks for listening


Hi em21 - We are constantly evolving the courses as we improve the pedagogy, technology and interface. It looks to me as though you are describing the changing of the ratings on the Dashboard. This will happen as we add new audio to the lessons.

In fact over the last week we have added in around 500 more audio examples to Rocket Italian Premium (Level 1), and we will be adding more to Level 2 and Level 3 in the coming weeks.

You won't have to re-do an entire lesson, if you just cover the new material then you will only be tested on that.

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